We are ready to cater all your needs from picnics to Breakfast to lunches to formal dinners. The following is a sample of Hors D'Ouvres options. Please see our complete menu below.

Hors D’Ouvres Menu

Hot Hors D’Ouvres

• Spanakopita
• Cocktail Meatballs
• Mushroom Caps
• Mini Kabobs
• Sea Scallops
• Mini Crab Balls
• Baked Brie
• Baked Scallops
• Baked Cheese Ravioli
• Roasted Vegetables
• California Prunes with bacon
• Shiitake Mushroom Tartlet
• Grilled Mini Quesadillas
• Beef Tenderloin Tips
• Beef Empanadas
• Mini pigs in a blanket
• Marinated Beef or Chicken Strips on a skewer
• Roasted Asparagus
• Spicy Chicken Livers

Cold Hors D’Ouvres

• Spiced Shrimp
• Chicken Tarragon on Cucumber Caps
• Skewered Tri-Color Tortellini
• Fresh Seasonal Fruit Display
• Crudités Basket with Lemon Dill Dip
• Imported cheeses with crackers
• Whole Decorated Poached Salmon
• Sliced Tenderloin on mini croissants
• Choros a la Chalaca:
          Mussels topped with mild salsa
• Petite Salad Sandwiches with choice of
          Tuna, Chicken or Egg salad.
• Beautiful Tree decorated with fresh seasonal fruits
• Fresh Mozzarella with:
          Cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic in olive oil.
• Fried Seafood Platter with tartar sauce and salsa

Cold Canapes & Finger Sandwiches

• Bruschetta
• Smoked Salmon
• Asparagus Roll-Ups
• California Roll-Ups
• Shrimp, Tuna, Chicken, Egg Salad in miniature
  pastry shells.
• Asparagus Spears wrapped with roasted peppers and           prosciutto ham.

Dip Platters

• Zesty Shrimp Dip with vegetables
• Black Bean Dip with tortilla chips
• Baba Ghanoush with pita chips
• Hummus with pita chips
• Hot Crab Meat or Clam Dip with crackers
• Layered Mexican Dip Pate Mold with Melba Rounds




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